BuddyPress Friends Suggestions Pro is empty after known refreshes

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    MediaTech Ventures on #39925

    We’re live in the community at https://mediatech.ventures and when released, the suggestions worked.

    We’ve gone through this FAQ, which is on the plugin description:
    I have updated the rule but suggestions are not changing?
    We cache the suggestions for an hour for a user for a specific ruleset. When you update this ruleset, the suggestions cache for the user is not cleared. The changes will be only visible after the current cache expires.

    How to force update suggested friends/followers list after a rule change:-
    Suggestions cache for a user is cleared when:-

    user profile data is updated, the cache is cleared and the list is rebuilt.
    A user adds another user as a friend.
    A user cancels a friendship.
    A user follows another user.
    A user unfollows another user.
    Another option to globally clear the cache is by creating a new rule-set and using this new rule set in the widget. Since the suggestions are cached based on user and rule set, replacing rule-set forces rebuilding of the suggestions list.

    Still, the widget on our BuddyBoss profile pages and in the News Feed, remains empty.
    It’s empty for other users too (again, after having worked when launched).

    Known bugs? Anything else we can try?

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    Brajesh Singh on #39926

    Thank you for using the plugin.

    I am sorry for the experience.

    Please login to the live site and check the ruleset. Is it same as the old? Also, can you try some simple ruleset to see if it matches or not?

    I am assuming that there is some difference between the user profile field/data or rule set which is causing it.

    Please check and let me know.


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