BuddyPress Friendship Restrictions support for follow

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    Tosin on #42569


    please can you follow plugin support for this plugin BuddyPress Friendship Restrictions

    1. Restrict users who can follow other users by roles
    2. Restrict users who can be followed as a friend based on roles.
    3. Throttle BuddyPress follow request(How many requests can be sent in a specified duration)
    4. Limit the maximum allowed number of followers
    5. Easily extend via filters.
    6. Redirect user to specified page when follow limit is reached

    You can also refer back to https://buddydev.com/support/forums/topic/limit-following-ability/


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    Tosin on #42608

    Gentle reminder sir

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    Brajesh Singh on #42616

    Hi Tosin,
    Thank you for the suggestions.
    We are looking at this and I will update you with a timeline next week .


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