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    Tosin on #14697

    Hello Brajesh,

    How can I limit the number of followings a user can have on their network to 500. Users can only follow a maximum of 500 users(following) but the same user can have unlimited (followers).

    I want users on my network to value their followings and only follow users who are truly important to them, I also want to narrow down their attention span.

    The function should include

    1. Error message notifying the user that he cant follow more users when he is following a max of 500 users e.g (You are following a maximum of 500 users, to follow new users you need to unfollow old users)

    2. Ability to hide the follow button when the user has a max of 500 followings

    3. Ability to exclude certain users by their ID’s from this function. I dont want admins and certain users to be affected by this function. Unlimited followings for certain users.

    Thank you

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    Brajesh Singh on #14742

    Hi Tosin,
    I am sorry for the delayed reply.

    We have a complete restrictions suit in progress for BuddyPress 3.0. That will helps us deprecate some of our smaller plugins(various rate limiters etc).

    The plugin contains restriction rules for the Followers plugin too. I will link back to when we have it available.

    Thank you

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