BuddyPress Member Type Generator – issue with codifying the type name

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    Venutius on #6626

    I set up a number of members with the type of Investigators but then I decided to rename that type to the name Researcher. After I had changed this I found that all of the members of Investigator were no longer members of the type Researcher.

    I think that from time to time organisations do decide to change the titles of their staff etc. so I expected my changes to have no effect on membership.

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    Brajesh Singh on #6634

    Hi George,
    Tough your expectations are correct, I am not sure any more if BuddyPress member type does work this way or not? I believe, It is just terms and since term ids are used, this should work.

    I will be doing a test on Monday and will report back. Please do ping me if I miss it.

    Thank you

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