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    Yomi Oyekunle on #16611

    When users register on my set, I have it set up so that they have two options to register, both being member types from the plugin. However, the member types are only activated after I update the users profile from the backend. Is there anyway around this? Can they inherit their member type as soon as they complete the registration form.

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    Brajesh Singh on #16619

    Hi Yomi,
    Welcome to BuddyDev.

    Are you using a single member type field on registration or multiple fields?

    If you are using single member type field, the member type will be added to the user when they activate their account.

    Are your user activating their account normally?

    Can you please link me to your registration page?

    Thank you

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    Nicholas Breakwell on #18551

    Hello Brajesh
    I have the same problem as Yomi above – when a new user registers (inc selecting member type via single member type field) they get the wp role Customer regardless of what role I set in the Users > Member Types section. This is after activation and login by the new user.
    I have tried deleting the plugin and re-installing and deleting all users and all member types but still the same problem.
    The wprole is updated correctly if member type is changed via the wp backend > Users.
    The development site is http://www.thinkingeconomy.com
    Any ideas?

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    Brajesh Singh on #18552

    Hi Nick,
    Are you on multisite? What is the settings for default role for new user?

    Are you using any code to assign member type or role? Also, do the users with customer role registerd via BuddyPress registration page or WooCommerce(assuming that you may be using it).

    Please let me know and I will helps.


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