BuddyPress Member Types Pro. Addition functions.

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    Maksim Rusakovich on #17236


    for BuddyPress Member Types Pro plugin it will be useful.

    1. Add icons or symbols to username or user first/last name according to his group.
    For example, verified members, paid members, best contributors, and other custom gradations for each group.

    2. According to the group, we can sort member list. So, in search result will be members with lower power group. It’s very important for dating website.

    3. Sure. We should have function, that disable standard Sorting dropdown menu.

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    Brajesh Singh on #17250

    Hi Max,

    Thank you for posting.

    1. Yes, it can be a good option. I will certainly consider it.

    2. it’s difficult with the current BuddyPress to do a weightage based listing. It will be possible to exclude/include users from certain member types but weightage may not be feasible for now.

    3. Even though I agree, It is very much theme dependent. I will be checking and seeing if it is possible now independent of themes.

    I will update you by Friday on the status of this.

    Thank you

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    Maksim Rusakovich on #17279

    Hello, Brajesh

    Yes, I understand you.
    But such functions will be very useful and unique.

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