BuddyPress Member Types Pro Question

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    Tosin on #20790

    Hello Brajesh,

    I am really interested in your BuddyPress Member Types Pro plugin but I would like to ask some questions before I buy. This question is related to woocommerce membership plugin.


    I have member types

    1. individual
    2. business
    3. verified business
    4. organization
    5. verified organization

    During registration only three member types are available for selection
    1. individual
    2. business
    3. organization

    After registration the users can upgrade their member type during profile update and the remaining 2 member types will become available.
    Users with (business) member type can upgrade to (verified business) while users with (organization) member type can upgrade to (verified organization).

    Now I want to sell member type upgrades at a premium and I will create a woocommerce product called (Account verification), this product will be assigned to the (premium membership plan),this (premium membership plan) will also be assigned to both (verified business) and (verified organization) member types.

    So now I want users to be forced to purchase the woocommerce (Account verification) product before they can upgrade their Member type to either (verified business) or (verified organization).

    Will this be achieveable?

    Will your plugin also work with woocommerce subscriptions plugin?


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    Tosin on #20890

    Any feedback on this question thanks

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    Brajesh Singh on #20893

    Hi Tosin,
    Thank you for the question and your interest in the plugin.

    1. Your complete workflow is not achievable by the plugin without extra code.

    The reason is, field will show same options on registration/edit screen. It is still achievable with some code though.

    2. No. We don’t have compatibility with it.

    Thank you

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