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    John B on #27559

    As shown in the video clip below. When I arrive at my site and haven’t scrolled down the page yet, when I click Report, most of the Report Screen appears off-screen and isn’t accessible. As soon as I scroll down just a little bit, the pop up window appears in the correct location.

    Does anyone know what may be causing this?


    Thx, John

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    John B on #27560

    The same issue is happening on mobile devices.

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    Brajesh Singh on #27563

    Hi John,
    Thank you for the topic and the video.

    It is not a bug. This is expected result and the popup is not cutting off the screen.

    Your page has content longer than the view, that makes the space available(which is visible on scroll).

    The popup is designed to position itself closely to the “Report” button and if there is no space(say there was no scroll), It will reposition to be inside the visible area.

    In the example video, the space is there due to scroll, so it positions itself close to the report button.

    If you want, you can resolve this by changing the behaviour of the buttons(instead of opening them in centre, you can open them near the handle).


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