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    ARNOBIO SANTOS on #26469

    Hello, guys!

    It would be nice to have these additional features in BuddyPress Moderation Tools.


    – Set What Roles Can Report Items.
    – Set What Roles Can Moderate Reports.
    – Set Temporary Threshold Restrictions on items that reach a certain By Buddypress Components.
    – Set Official Restrictions Period By Buddypress Components.
    – Set Official Restrictions By Buddypress Components.

    – When a user posted something and the users reported that item and when it’s reviewed you found it against your community guidelines, you can punish him by restricting the posting feature and other features for 15, 30, 45 days or 2 months or any other period you want.

    – When an item reach the threshold ( Certain Number of Reports ) you can choose which elements you want to hide until you review the reported item. like disable the ability to add new posts, comments , friends, private messages and more…

    It is possible. You are the man!


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