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    Hoang Vuong on #17995

    Hi Brajesh,

    Let me understand one more time.

    1) If I enable “BuddyPress Network active” I will get only one registration page and same users will get access to other subsites.

    2) So, does that mean registered users can access subsite1, subsite2……subsite3 ?

    3) how can I differentiate registered members ? if they belongs to subsite1 or subsite 2?

    4) how can I create members page for subsites, where they will see only their members.

    Kindly assist.

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    Brajesh Singh on #17998

    Hi Hoang
    Thank you for asking.

    1. Partially correct:- Yes, you will get one registration page on your main site. Youser’s may or may not have access to all sites. It depends on which combination of plugins you are using. Since WordPress won’t assign roles automatically on sub sites, you can use it to restric users if you need to.

    2. Yes if the sites does not have any access restriction.

    3. BuddyPress does not provide a way. On WordPress side, you can check from the dashboard->Users(It will list all users who have a role on current site).

    4. You can use multiblog mode but that will not restricts to site members.

    It is a bit complex to be honest. If you want completely separate network, you should look at our BuddyPress Multi Network plugin.


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