BuddyPress Poke message not showing up on current page

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    Lena on #31288

    I use BuddyPress Poke with BuddyBoss/BB Theme and have added the poke feature on the member’s profile pages. If you try to poke someone you have already poked, you’re supposed to get the following notification “You have already poked %s”. The problem is that this message doesn’t show up while you are at the profile page, but on top of the activity field page. This must be a bug? The messages ought to come up on the page which you currently are browsing, right? Any fix?

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    Brajesh Singh on #31295

    Hi Lena,
    Welcome to BuddyDev forums and thank you for reporting the issue.

    For BuddyPress, the plugin adds its own tab under activity. BuddyBoss has removed all tabs from activity screen and that’s why it is being shown at the top.

    This is not a bug but an incompatibility with BuddyBoss platform due to their deviation from BuddyPress.

    We will update the plugin to work properly with BuddyBoss within next 2 weeks.

    Thank you

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