Buddypress security pin (Ideas)

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    Tosin on #45266

    Hello Brajesh,

    I just want to share this idea as a point of reference for development another time.

    Ive been thinking about a second layer of security for logged in users in buddypress when certain major actions need to be performed.

    Ability for users to set and save a 4 or 5 digit pin so when users want to perform certain actions a popup is triggered requesting the 4 digit pin to validate the action to be performed.

    Actions include
    1. Publish a blog post via clicking the publish button in buddyblog the validation popup will be triggered requesting for the user pin
    2. Publish a classified ad via external plugins by targeting the submit button ID or class to trigger the validation popup
    3. When a user tries to delete account (this can be useful if a users account is hacked)

    This feature can be useful when creating certain buddypress platforms that are sensitive e.g finance/fintech platforms, forex platforms, blogging platforms etc

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    Tosin on #45267

    So sorry can this thread be moved to the Ideas & Suggestions category I forgot this existed

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