[Resolved] BUddypress Shortcode and Unregistered Activity

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    clyn on #14991

    My theme is Kleo and yes they have some buddypress shortcode element on visual composer but “today” i found activity shortcode and i’m so happy. Its really very flexiable, smart and working very all types. Million Thanks… My Question is;

    I’m using snax pluging which is a ranklist. Using WP default post and anyone can add “cards” (called snax item; embed item:video,image or text) to this wp default post. When anyone give vote (up or down) this card, ranklist is changing and snax create activity on member activity stream such as “John upvoted (or down) for …..” but on admin side when i check activity its writing unregistered activity. So, such as “scope=favorites” is working for shortcode but scope=upvoted is not working. How do i create for this upvoted or downvote activity. I think i should registered this activity but How? I know how to register for CPT but i could not solve this.

    Million Thanks

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    clyn on #14992

    At the moment this wp default post is showing registered for post…

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    clyn on #15334

    Ok its solved… How can i close this ticket.

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    Brajesh Singh on #15341

    Sorry, we missed it. I am glad you resolved it. You have already marked it resolved. That is the correct way to close.

    Thank you

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