[Resolved] BuddyPress Simple Front End Post | add redirect after submitting post.

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    Brendan on #14628


    I’d like to add a redirect after a user submits a post. How do I do that?

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    Brajesh Singh on #14629

    Hi Brendan,
    When registering the form you can register the callback to be called after post is saved

    'update_callback'       => 'buddydev_form_saved_callback',

    Now, In the callback, you can redirect as you please.
    Here is how the function should look like

     * This gets called when a post is saved/updated in the database
     * after create/edit action handled by BP simple front end post plugin
     * @param int                      $post_id post id.
     * @param boolean                  $is_new is new post.
     * @param BPSimpleBlogPostEditForm $form_object form.
    function buddydev_form_saved_callback( $post_id, $is_new, $form_object ) {
    // do a redirect here.

    You get the post id, whether is was a new post or an edit post and the form object.

    I hope you can take from there.

    Best Regards

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