Buddypress user contact form feature suggestion

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    Tosin on #40403


    Can you add the ability to limit the frequency or number of times a user can message another user for loggedin users.

    A mechanism to reduce message spamming and abuse will be very helpful


    1. User A can only message User B 3 times in a day or within 24 hours
    2. After quota limit is reached hide contact form and display text message (Sorry you can only message this user 3 times a day)

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    Tosin on #40404


    I want to display the (contact me) link in the nav bar for logged out users but when the link is clicked by non logged in user the should be redirected to custom page (login)

    This enables gusets to know that they can message members but only if they login.

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    Brajesh Singh on #40414

    Hi Tosin,
    Thank you for the suggestions.

    We will need to think about it a bit. Currently, the messages are not stored on server and we don’t have any idea how many times the message was sent.

    Also, If we do allow limiting, we will need to consider the cases when the form is visible to non logged users.

    We will most probably not be able to add your feature suggestion 2 as it will make the settings confusing. We already allow making the form visible top non logged users. Adding a new control to force login will complicate it. We will explore it and if possible, will be adding a filter for the same.


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    Tosin on #40415

    OK well understood, thanks for the feedback.

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