[Resolved] BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Field Types – Country Field

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    Quint A. Rahaman, Jr. on #45559

    Hello Brajesh,

    I’m circling back on the Country selector field. The Youzify folks have made the appropriate changes to their Directory Search plugin to enable multi-select using your field on their search form. That’s great!

    However, there’s an issue on the BuddyBoss Member > Profile use of that field. For example, I use the BuddyBoss Locations Autocomplete plugin which uses the Google Maps API. Anyway, in the member profile, I use only two fields: City (theirs) and Country (yours) and when I click in City, it auto populates as expected. However, when I click in Country, the list of countries show and when I select one, the input field first fills with what I selected but another box showing an attempted autocomplete also shows up. This would confuse the user.

    Anyway, I checked the console, and an error pointed to the BuddyBoss plugin. I have included their investigation which is why I have returned to you. Is this something you can fix and if you do fix it, will it break the code that the Youzify folks spent almost a week writing?




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    Quint A. Rahaman, Jr. on #45602

    Hello Brajesh,

    I’ve figured it out. In the BuddyBoss Locations Autocomplete plugin Settings page, if the Locations field for Country is selected, which is what I had done, then autocomplete is targeted for that field. And since I had already designated your Country field, that means two options were being offered. So, I deselected autocomplete for that field and now it works like it should.



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    Brajesh Singh on #45603

    Hi Qint,
    Thank you.
    I was about to have the similar feedback 🙂

    Good to know that you resolved it.


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