Bug: Bp Activity Shortcode – First Post

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    David Levi on #19045


    I found an issue with the Bp Activity Shortcode plugin.

    When using the shortcode and the group does NOT have any posts yet it will show “Sorry, there was no activity found….”.
    When you try and upload a new post, you will only be able to see it once you refresh the page.

    I think I found the reason in class-bpas-shortcode-helper.php:207, If the group does not have any activity then we show the string above.
    However we are missing essential code that it needed for the ajax to process and show the first post once updated. I think specifically the ul#activity-stream element.


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    Brajesh Singh on #19047

    Hi David,
    I am sorry but I am unable to understand the bug here. It seems the expected behaviour.

    The activity shortcode does not support auto refresh. Or am I missing something(Is it that you are enabling post form and posting is not showing the posted content?)

    Thank you

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    David Levi on #19050

    Im wondering if it has something to do with my settings.

    When I use the shortcode to display a group and it does not yet have any activity:

    1. It shows the message: “Sorry, there was no activity found….”(Good)
    2. When I try and upload my first post, The message above disappears, but the post never shows up. I must refresh the page for it to show.

    It’s only on the first post. So once I have one post and I post more content. It successfully refreshes.

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