BUG REPORT: maximum Upload space per user not working

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    Christian W Zagarskas on #21132

    We have “maximum Upload space per user” = 1000 mb
    Show upload Quota? = YES
    Remote Media Settings = NONE

    The following problems occur:

    We have 5+ users that have OVER 1000 mb used

    1- function mpp_get_used_space() does not return the correct number
    2- function mpp_display_space_usage() says all users over the limit still have 99% of their space available

    Please examine these functions.

    For example,
    Has 1219.85 MB JPG files in it.

    For that user:
    mpp_get_used_space() Returns 24.637913703918
    (This is not even remotely correct)

    mpp_display_space_usage() returns “You have 99% of your 1GB space left”
    (This is also not correct)

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    Brajesh Singh on #21133

    Hi Christing,
    Thank you for reporting.

    1. Which version of MediaPress are you using?
    2. Are you using any of our custom storage plugins(Flexible storage/quota plugin).
    3. Please share the debug log from Dashboard->MediaPress->Tools section.

    The only plausible reason seems either you are using our flexible quota plugin or the plugin is unable to read the file systme(Is it NAS or anything special about storage?).

    Please provide the details and I will assist.

    Thank you

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