Can all users create posts? Simple Front End Post & Blog Categories with Groups

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    James Maiden on #1786

    Hi there,

    Forgive me if I am overlooking something…

    Is it possible for all users or group members to create posts with this combination of plugins?

    On my installation, it is only possible for the group creator to create posts. When logged in as other users, even administrator level, no-one else has ability to Create a New Post – the link does not exist.

    It seems like group members at least should be able to create posts.


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    Brajesh Singh on #1790

    Hi James,
    1. The BuddyBlog + Simple Front End post allows users to blog form their profile
    2. Blog Categories for Groups is a little bit limited at the moment, It only allows admin and mods to post. There are hooks to allow everyone to post and control. These will change in next couple of weeks as I have half refactored this plugin and will be releasing an update (stuck due to a Theme) that will make it at par with BuddyBlog.

    Thank you

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