Can anyone suggest me a hosting provider ?


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    jemmy on #14132

    I have already researched for some good hosting providers list as I have gone through several resources to find the best hosting provider but I need someone to guide me the provider they already experienced as I have no experience in choosing hosting services.


    It would be good if someone provide me details on how to go with the hosting as I want it for my personal blog.

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    Christopher Heneghan on #14133

    If your blog has any kind of localised content then it is worth considering a local company. If you’re all over the world then still consider your target audience and where they live. That said if you can afford it a service with built in CDN is good because it stores your site on local servers all around the world. There might might be other forums that are better suited to this question though – in Australia look at whirlpool. I use WP Engine for my clients and am happy to pay the premium price for premium service and premium support.

    Getting a decent free SSL is worthwhile too because you will want one when Google starts slamming all unsecured sites.

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    Brajesh Singh on #14155

    Welcome to BuddyDev Jemmy.

    Thank you for sharing the insights Christopher. Those are important things to consider while selecting a webhost.

    If you are just starting and will avoid working with code and fixes, go for a managed WordPress hosting.
    Start with one that suits your budget. You can easily migrate to better/other in future when traffic grows.

    Kinsta and WP Engine will be the top 2 in that space. Make sure to check their Overage prices though. WP Engine may charge a lot for that.

    Other than these two, you can pick any other for starting like Site Ground or Dream Host. Avoid the sites that say unlimited storage or bandwidth.

    Also, if you plan to use WooCommerce or BuddyPress and can’t go for a managed WordPress hosting, go for managed VPS or cloud. If you are planning to use only WordPress, shared hosting will be fine too.

    All the Best

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