Can "BuddyPress Global/Sitewide Unified search" still work ?

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    Kasparas on #104

    When using ussual search, empty results are returned event my site is full of WP posts. I tried this plugin but i stuck in every step. Is it becouse plugin is old ?

    I’m using newest WP and BP and tried “BuddyPress Global/Sitewide Unified search” Version: 1.0.2.

    Can i disable buddypress search so default WP search would work ?

    Thanks for support.

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    Brajesh Singh on #105

    Hi Kasparas,
    Thank you for asking.

    I haven’t tested this plugin with the current version of BuddyPress. It’s Sunday, so I may be away for most of the time, but will check by the evening and get back to you.

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