Can we add Blog Menu to the main Navigation in BuddyBoss theme

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    Vishal on #49905

    Hi Team,

    Currently, I am using the BuddyBlog plugin to create the Blog post from the profile menu. Now I need to add the Blog Menu to the primary navigation of my site. If we add the menu from “BuddyBoss Section” then it goes to http://buddyblog/edit/ which is wrong. Can You please provide the solution for this, so that the admin and editor role can add the blog from Front-end Primary Navigation too?

    You can see the Screenshot here:

    Please reply ASAP as this is a live site for us.

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    Brajesh Singh on #49906

    Hi Vishal,
    Thank you for using BuddyBlog(I assume it it is BuddyBlog and not BuddyBlog pro).
    The links in your screenshot are managed by BuddyBoss not us.

    They are probably doing it too early and that’s causing it.
    A simple solution will be to use custom url option and then put url like https://yoursite.com/members/me/buddyblog/

    If a user is logged in, that url will redirect them to their on posts.


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