Can you categorize your members and create archive pages?

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    Paige Johnson on #23014

    We’re working on a project where we’d like to be able to organize our members into different groups and create archive pages where non-members can search for members based on these profile field criteria.

    We’ve enabled “Autolink” the Profile Fields we’d like to feature, but that seems to have just created a search query link.

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to create archive pages that can automatically generate members based on their profile fields?

    Is there a better way to have members categorize themselves? We may want to create parent categories and subcategories down the line.

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    Brajesh Singh on #23043

    Hi Paige,
    It is doable in BuddyPress but you will need to do some parts on your own(ith custom code).

    If you wanted flat categories, It could be done with member type and easily accomplished(you can let users select the type if you want).

    For hierarchical categorization, there is no direct solution in BuddyPress.
    There exists a plugin WordPress User Groups

    You can use it organize users using hierarchical categories. You will need to handle the listing and searching on your own.

    Hope that helps.


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