Change the top boarder color of the ajax registration form

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    Daniel on #13994


    1. I have bought the Ajax registration Form plugin a few days ago and I would like now to change the top border color of the Ajax Registration Form (the color where it is written “Create Account!”) to the color #03a9f4.

    2. Also, I would like to implement my site-logo on the registration form.

    Could you pleaese teach me how to do that ?

    Many thanks.

    Kind regards,

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    Ravi on #14000

    Hello Daniel,

    1. To modify border colour. Please use the following code at the bottom of your active theme “style.css” file.

    	background-color: red;  // Change colour

    2. To apply site logo just modify the template “ajax-register-form.php”. You can override by copy this template to your active theme directory and modify accordingly.

    Thank You

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