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    Carlos Morell on #30366


    i m using BP Members type Pro. But i have a big limitation, because i need, some members type can create users with one member type, and choose the member type.

    Example: Users A can create users B and improve after to C
    Users A2 can create users B2 and improve after to C2

    I work With MTP and User Role Editor Pro.

    If user A create an user b, he can choose the role but no the member type… so after i cant see this user B in the User List, and manage the membe type or other staff… i need the admin change the member type of this specific user B, and after i see in the list… But i wont choose the Member type in the form to create the user… easy for work, and i get this plugin thinking it do this kind of staff.

    Please how can i do

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    Carlos Morell on #30367

    Note, is not nice admin must chang manually the member type or each new user…

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    Brajesh Singh on #30376

    Hi Carlos,
    Thank you for using BuddyPress Member Types Pro.

    The Member Type is a BuddyPress feature and offered from BuddyPress profile/registration screen.

    If you are creating a user as admin, my suggestion is to map “Role to Member Type form Settings->Member Types”.
    That way, when you create a user with role x, they will be assigned the associated member type.


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