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    calu on #24997

    Hi Brajesh, I have a question about MediaPress and how images are stored. if you plan on running a big membership community, the thought of storing all images uploaded by members directly to WP media library on you own server, seems like a bad idea.

    All though MediaPress has its own media gallery in the dashboard, all images are also present in the media library among the rest of the images from your site.
    Data storage is very expensive from my host provider, at least, so adding a cheeper cloud based storage solution for the images, like Amazon AWS or Google seems like the right way to go.

    In the settings I noticed this one option setting, which leads to my question if an option for storing images on another server is a future option, if possible at all?

    MediaPress Settings: ‘Which should be marked as default storage? Local’

    Another option is this: ‘Download the file to your server? Yes
    When a user adds a remote file, should it be automatically downloaded to your server? We strongly recommend enabling it for photo.’

    What is the alternative to downloading to own server?

    I really would appreciate a comment from you, in general, about medias storageon own server, pros and cons, for bigger membership sites.


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    Ravi on #25005

    Hello Calu,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes, we have a plugin in a queue which allows hosting WordPress media on amazon s3 storage services. But it is in under progress. We will let you know when we will release this plugin.


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