Code snippets for hiding the report user buttons?

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    calu on #37504

    Hi there, I’m using these code snippets for hiding the block user button in the profile header and directory. I’m looking for a similar way of hiding the Report user button, but i can’t find the right function for the buttons in the plugin code, can you help?

    add_filter( 'bublock_show_button_in_profile_header', '__return_false' );
    add_filter( 'bublock_show_button_in_members_directory', '__return_false' );


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    Ravi on #37516

    Hello Carsten,

    Thank you for using the plugin. You do not need any custom code for hiding buttons. ‘BuddyPress Block Users’ already offer a setting named ‘Button locations’ under Settings > BuddyPress Block Users > General settings.


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