[Resolved] Conditional Display Based on Group Membership or Group Admin Status

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    I’m frustrated. I’ve been searching and searching and cannot find an answer. I currently use several BuddyDev plugins.

    I AM NOT A CODER. I use Elementor as my page builder and want a solution that would place a display condition on a button, image, section, etc.

    For example, I need the ability to conditionally display a button that gives access to the GROUP’s MEMBER List. The button works properly. However, if the user is not a member of the group, they navigate to the 404 page, which is appropriate. But I would rather they not see the button and remove the confusion of seeing the 404 page.

    Here are the Display Conditions I would like to implement:
    * Display if the user is a MEMBER OF THIS GROUP.
    * Display if the user is a GROUP ADMIN of this group.
    * Display if the user is a GROUP ADMIN of ANY group.

    Do you know of any shortcodes, widgets, or plugins that will help me? I would prefer the most lightweight solution possible that will work with Elementor (even a paid solution).

    NOTE: I currently have the Visibility Logic for Elementor plugin to create conditional displays for GUESTS and LOGGED-IN users. But as far as I can tell, it will not allow me to create conditions using BuddyPress metadata – just user metadata.

    Best Regards,

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    I should have mentioned that I’m using the following BuddyDev plugins to create the page/section so that the page appears in the Group:

    * BuddyPress Group Tabs Creator Pro
    * BuddyPress Dynamic Group Tab Content

    The button appears in the section template placed in the Group Tab.

    Thanks, NoNAdmin

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