Conditional Fields break BuddyBoss Repeater Fields

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    Carla Riggi on #29912

    BuddyBoss is a fork of BuddyPress. I am using Conditional Fields with it and they work sort of ok for normal fields. (still some bugs where it fails to hold the vale) but when used with repeater field sets they fail to work entirely. In fact, some fields simply fail to appear, while others do not obey the conditions. This makes repeater field sets unusable. Can you help?

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    Brajesh Singh on #29915

    Hi Carla,
    Thank you for reporting it.

    Even though BuddyBoss is a fork of BuddyPress, They added profile type and repeater field. The repeater field is not preset in BuddyPress.

    We are adding compatibility with BuddyBoss gradually and we hope that we can do it in future. At the moment, I don’t see any workaround for this atleast for next 4 weeks.

    Also, if it is not saving for normal fields, It happens if you are using it with multi valued fields. If you edit multi valued fields, the options ids changes(this is an issue in BuddyPress) and that leads to this. We are hoping to put an update for this in near future.


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