Conditional Profile Fields not working throughout BuddyPress

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    calu on #13803

    Hi there, I am using Conditional Profile Fields and have made two visibility conditions, one for men and another for women, with each visibility condition.

    This is working very well, but discovered that in BP >Settings> Profile visibility, both basis information fields are displayed for both men and woman, despite the conditional user visibility settings.

    I hope you will update the plugin, so the conditional settings are working in throughout BuddyPress, thanks!


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    Brajesh Singh on #13817

    Hi Carsten,
    Thank you.
    Yes, It is a known bug.

    I will need some time before I can push an update for this. It is feasible to do it know and there are available filters for removing field ids.

    Most probably, I will be able to post an update next week.

    Thank you

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