Conditional Profile Fields not working with Repeater Fields

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    jabagh on #45835

    Hello, Describe the bug
    Concern: Repeater Field Set Issue – If one of the fields under the repeater set is a conditional field,

    the corresponding field that depends on the conditional fields sometimes appears and sometimes and sometimes does not
    If the conditional field is already triggered and has already appeared, it will also be visible again when a new fieldset is added, even if the condition is not yet fulfilled
    1-Create a repeater set
    2-Set 1 profile field as conditional and dependent on another field
    3-In the front end, notice that the reported issue can be encountered.

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    jabagh on #45836
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    Brajesh Singh on #45842

    Hi jabagh,
    Welcome to BuddyDev support forums.

    I am sorry, the repeater field is not supported. The plugin only supports basic fields.


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