[Resolved] Conditonal Profile Fields

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    Brett on #7871

    I understand that this isn’t exactly what Conditional Profile Fields does, but I am wondering if I can use something similar from your code to change the labels/legends on fields in my BuddyPress profile dependent on the value of a drop down field.

    IE If my users select Option A, I want three other fields to have a certain label, but if they select Option B I want three different labels. This would only be in the Profile/Edit Profile component of their profile.

    I have gone down this path, as the fields are mandatory, and I would like to enforce this regardless of what option is selected. These fields hold the same style of data, it is just a label/legend text change to ask things differently depending on what type of member they are.


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    Brett on #9056

    I have found javascript to work around this, and it is now working as expected.

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    Brajesh Singh on #9077

    Good to know that.

    Thank you for marking it as resolved.


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