[Resolved] Cover/profile photo top area too big

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    la on #52643

    I have set up a new install of Buddy Press with MemberPress. In my old install, the top cover photo and profile photo look fine. But in the new one, the profile photo is huge so the @name is now down low in the white space and the Active # min ago is on top of the profile photo. I can’t see what would have changed.

    Also if I go the Profile tab > View, now under View Profile it says Base above the line and below the line Name and what the name is with a grey background, like a table. Why does it say Base? In my other install, that says Details which makes more sense.

    I can’t see what’s controlling the size of the gravatar/profile photo laying on top of the cover photo. I think that size is throwing everything off.

    And I can’t see why it’s saying Base instead of Details.

    Any help much appreciated.


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    la on #52644

    I find that if I add this to css
    .single-headers #item-header-avatar a img {
    width: 125px!important;
    Rather than width: auto, it fixed it but what is controlling that? I don’t see any settings for any such thing?


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    la on #52646

    Also, that doesn’t solve the “Base” issue. Base makes no sense.

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    Ravi on #52657

    Hello La,

    Thank you for posting. Try contacting your theme author for the avatar image issue. It might be an issue with your theme.

    For changing “Base” to “Details”. Please navigate to Dashboard > Users > Profile Fields > Base (Primary) and click on the button “Edit Group”. After clicking on it a new screen will open to edit group details from there you can update the title “Base” => “Details”. Please give it a try.


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