Creating Entrepreneurs/Start-Ups and Investors/Business Angels Community with BP

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    Falona Oluwarotimi Akintan on #4125

    Hello everyone, I want to create a community WordPress site where entrepreneurs will be able to show their business and investors will be able to find viable businesses to invest into.
    If anyone registers as an investor, they are archived in the Investors directory, and if someone registers as an Entrepreneur, the person is archived in the Entrepreneur page directory.

    I know this seems to be quite some work, but I will appreciate your support and wealth of knowledge.
    A partner is also welcome, and or anyone who would do this for a fair amount.


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    Brajesh Singh on #4184

    Hi Falona,
    First of all Welcome to Buddydev and my apologies for the delayed reply. I wanted to take this topic on the weekend as I will have more time to help you.

    For your particular use case, You need two type of members

    BuddyPress Member type feature suits pretty well here. You can have the two type of directories using member type.

    Please give a try to the following combination of plugins and see if you can get it going or not?

    1. BuddyPress Member type Generator:- To create member types for investors/enterprenuers
    2. BuxxyPress Xprofile member Type Field to allow user selecting the member type at registration
    3. Conditional Profile Fields for BuddyPress- If you want to allow different set of fields to different users
    Those are basic. The one most important thing is business. How do you plan to list the business and what features it should have ? Is it similar to Facebook page? This Business May need custom implementation.

    Hope that helps.

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    Falona Oluwarotimi Akintan on #4186

    Hello Brajesh Singh, thanks for the reply and the welcome message.

    I appreciate the info, I believe it will get me going a great deal.

    I however have concern as regards features and customization;
    I have actually been searching endlessly for well suitable theme that will serve the business purpose of the website. I will be so grateful for any insights that would help.

    You mentioned about custom implementation. My greatest challenge so far is being able to configure the registration form in such a way, that I will be able to define the sections of form types with custom text and settings. e.g, change the details that will be included in the forms for Investors/Entrepreneurs, and allow them to also include special features/details of their company and stuffs on their profiles.

    Once again, thanks for the info, and the support. Additional support will be well appreciated.

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