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    shelley parker on #12400

    How do I create groups in community builder, and where could I have found the answer to this on your Docs & Manual page https://buddydev.com/docs?

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    Brajesh Singh on #12406

    Hi Shelley,
    The group creation is provided by BuddyPress, That’s why we did not add documentation.

    Your posting ha given me the idea that providing this type of documentation will be nice and will do.

    For now,
    1. Please visit Dashboard->Settings->BuddyPress->Components. Please Make sure “groups” is enabled
    2. Please visit Dashboard->Settings->BuddyPress->Settings and make sure that group creation is enabled.
    3. Please visit Dashboard->Settings->BuddyPress->pages and make sure that you have selected a page for Group.

    If all of these are enabled, we are good.

    Now, you can create a group by Visiting group Directory and clicking on “Create group” button. The Create Group button is also accessible from the Profile dropdown menu and the right panel accounts menu.

    Hope that helps.


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