Custom post layout on Buddyboss Theme profile

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    Philip on #44135

    First, I love BuddyBlog plugin. Especially how it displays CPT posts directly in the member profile of BuddyBoss Theme.

    Is it possible to add a *little* customization of the post layout when displaying in the member profile of BB Theme?

    Thank you so much!

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    Ravi on #44137

    Hello Philip,

    Welcome to the BuddyDev Forums. Please let me know with BuddyBlog are referring to BuddyBlog or BuddyBlog Pro plugin.


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    Philip on #44145

    Oh, yes, I’m using BuddyBlog Pro.

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    Brajesh Singh on #44224

    Hi Philip,
    I am sorry for the delay.

    With BuddyBlog Pro, you can override the templates for each post type and have a complete customized look.

    In case of BuddyBoss theme, you can use the following structure:-

    Here is the base directory stricture that you need in place:-

    -your-buddyboss-child-theme(probably buddyboss-theme-child)/buddyblog/buddyboss/

    Now, you can either override the layout globally(for all post types) or individual post type.

    To override for all post types, you will need to create a directory “default” inside the above hierarchy and then copy the files from wp-content/plugins/buddyblog-pro/templates/buddyblog/buddyboss/default and put it there. Then you can modify it as you need.

    If you like the layout for some post types but want to modify it for specific post type, you can create a new folder with post type slug “some-post-type-slug” inside your “your-buddyboss-child-theme/buddyblog/buddyboss/” and then copy the file you want to override from the default(as in above case).

    You only need to copy the file you want to override. For others, the plugin will fallback to default.

    Hope that helps.


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