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    Jean-Philippe on #33538

    Hello everyone,

    I use BP Profile Search. I have successfully create a reasearch form.

    1) Is it possible to use this last one to overwrite the default buddypress search form? How can I do it?

    2) Is it possible do disable default buddypress search bar? How can I deal if yes?

    4) Is it possible to hide all members and just display search result?

    3) Concerning BP Profil Search: I have remarked that when I purge search criteria I see all members. How can I avoid it and just only display search result or nothing when I purge?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Brajesh Singh on #33543

    Yes, these are doable but out of scope for our forum assistance.

    I will suggest asking in the BP Profile Search forum or you may use our custom services.

    Thank you

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