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    Brajesh Singh on #44257

    Hi Dianne,
    Thank you for the kind words and your interest in the plugin.

    1. The plugin is tested with WordPress 5.9.2 and it works.

    2. If you set that user can not login on deactivation, then they won’t be able to activate their account. They will need to approach you by other means to get it re-activated.

    3. There is no difference between dectivating an account(user) if you are logged in as admin or the user(except, if the logout is enabled on deactivation, the user will be logged out but the admin won’t be).

    4.Sorry, we don’t have this kind of settings currently to differentiate between the deactivation done by admin or the user. It is a good idea to have something like this and we will definitely plan this in future.

    5. Deleting user accounts(BuddyPress) will not delete the group. It simply adds a site admin as group administrator if there is only 1 group admin and that account was being deleted.

    The deactivate account will have no effect on group.

    Hope that helps.


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