Default Group Tab plugin no longer functioning

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    Gregory Heffron on #52519

    The “Group Landing Component” will no longer drop down in any browser to select the default group tab. Also, it seems to be set on “Forums” but doesn’t default to those — instead defaults to Activity.

    I’m running WP 6.5.3 and Buddypress 12.4.1.

    Thanks so much!

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    Ravi on #52522

    Hello Gregory,

    Welcome to the BuddyDev forums. Sorry, but I am unable to get your requirements clearly. Please let me know the following things:

    1. Are you unable to locate the dropdown for setting the group default tab?
    2. Are you facing an issue with the default tab you set using the dropdown? If yes, Let me know which template pack you are using.


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    Brajesh Singh on #52528

    Hi Greg,
    Marking it as resolved as per our email conversation.

    For others looking at it, It was a configuration issue.


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