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    Venutius on #1214

    When I add an item to a gallery and add a descrption, the description is not shown in the activity feed and the image has to be viewed in order to see the description, I think this behaviour should be changed and the description should be displayed alongside the image.

    Also, the thumbnail for the item is not responsive and for wide or talk images a lot of the image is cut off when the thumbnail is displayed, I think this should also change and the thumbnail should show the whole image.

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    Brajesh Singh on #1217

    Hi George,
    Thank you for posting.

    1. Showing the image details in the activity, I will consider about that for sure and will let you know when we have it. I am not entirely in favor of showing it all the time but for single media uploads, that can be a good thing.

    2. Currently the image is cropped and not resized, that’s why. It is not about responsiveness, It is due to hard crop. I will add an option in the admin panel today to enable hard cropping vs resizing. I have been waiting on this as I wanted to have the options to allow admin decide the media sizes from admin but I will add the cropping/resizing for now without waiting anymore.

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