Does Object Caching Work Well With BP?

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    buddyuser on #44879


    I am using Litespeed server, but this is more of a question about object caching in general with BP.

    I am wondering if object caching with Redis works well with Buddypress? I see that it’s recommended often to use object caching with Buddypress, but I also see people advocating against it.

    For instance, the moderator shanebp at Buddypress’ site has stated the following several times against object caching:

    shanebp: But, object caching for WP can cause issues with BP because the object is not refreshed on a reload or ajax call.
    Even if you set the cache to refresh every few seconds, there will still be issues like the one you found.
    And page caching is much worse.

    So I am a bit confused whether object caching/Redis actually works with Buddypress or not?

    If so, is simply installing Redis on your server and using a plugin like Redis Cache (https://en-ca.wordpress.org/plugins/redis-cache/) with default settings enough, or does it require a lot of tinkering of code to exclude particular things related to Buddypress (e.g. via “define( ‘WP_REDIS_IGNORED_GROUPS’, [”] ) ) to get it to work correctly with Buddypress?

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    Brajesh Singh on #44886

    The object caching works nicely with BuddyPress. You can ignore the above statement from Shane. I am assuming that he was referring to an old version of BP.

    The plugin redis-cache works with BuddyPress. I used it couple of years ago on 2 of client sites and they performed well.

    There is a slight possibility that some of the plugin or theme code(rarely uses cache) may not work. You may want to try it on staging and test before using with live server.


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