[Resolved] Email situation options are missing for certain emails

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    calu on #27390

    Hi Brajesh, as you know I just discovered the edit email option in the dashboard, which I’m trying to translate.

    Why are there duplicate emails for the same situation?

    Some emails do not have according Situation settings like profile visits, and plural unread messages?

    Is it possible to reset the emails list to default?

    These emails are not listed in the send email situations:

    Hi {{username}}
    {{visitor.username}} visited your profile
    [{{{site.name}}}] {{visitor.username}} visited your profile

    [{{{site.name}}}] You have unread messages
    You have unread messages


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    Brajesh Singh on #27401

    Hi Carsten,
    You can reset the emails to default by visit Dashboard->Tools->BuddyPress

    There is a checbox for that.

    As of the last 2 emails, It is coming from custom plugins(one is ours) and these are not supporting the BuddyPress Email UI(we will in future).


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    calu on #27409

    Hi Brajesh, thank for the information, and the future update


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