Ensure layout of featured images on pages no matter user's chosen browser zoom?

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    Kir on #27099

    Hi Brajseh, a quick thought about layout of the featured images in relation to the user’s browser.

    Some screen users zoom their browser in and out, which will change the layout of the page / featured images.

    For instance I am picking 8 as the limit for featured images, and they sit 4 in one row 4 in the row below, which looks great, a nice tidy grid of 8. But if the zoom is changed in the browser to say 110 %, then that changes to 7 on top and 1 below which looks weird.

    Is it possible to fix this some way? It’d be good to include in the plugin somehow, the option to pick a layout, eg grid, one after the other, or something? To avoid the browser zoom being an issue.

    For my site for a quicky fix it would be good to know how to ask the bottom 4 pics to turn over so my featured images appear in a grid with 4 on top and 4 on the bottom whatever the browser zoom?

    Thank you 🙂

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    Brajesh Singh on #27102

    Hi Kir,
    I am sorry but we do not offer any grid layout for the widget. If it is appearing like that, It is most probably dues to theme’s css(or by default adjusting to the space).

    You might be able to use Media query to resolve it. May I suggest contacting your theme author for the assistance. They will be in better position to assist with the layout.


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