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    Nelson on #34502

    We have a production website in which we make the changes once tested on the development website, testing an issue that has nothing to do with the media, we made a copy of the entire website in the development website and as before, the videos They looked perfectly, we have updated the files we have tested and now the videos give us this error: Media error: Format (s) not supported or source (s) not found
    If we access the video directly by url, it can be seen, but with the mediapress this error appears.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Brajesh Singh on #34535

    Hi Nelson,
    Please link me to a page showing this error.

    There are 2 possible reasons, either the encoding is not supported and you will need an encoder or the MediaPress generated video player is not using the correct url.

    Please link me and I can check it.

    Thank you

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