[Resolved] Exclude or hide activities of user who are subscribers

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    Tosin on #48778

    Hello Brajesh,

    Please is it possible to hide or exclude activities of users with the subscriber role from the site wide activity directory.


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    Tosin on #48784

    By default new users are subscribers but their role changes to contributor on first login, so I want to hide all activities of subscribers who have never logged in.

    Inactive users are subscribers
    Active users are contributors

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    Brajesh Singh on #48785

    Hi Tosin,
    Thank you for the question.
    it is doable but there is no scalable way to achieve it.

    you can filter on ‘bp_activity_get_where_conditions’ to exclude users you want to avoid. The problem is your user list will keep growing with all the registrations.


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    Tosin on #48795

    Thanks for the feedback

    So if this is not scalable, then its better I stick to your advise as am planning or a large community platform

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