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    Christian W Zagarskas on #16385

    We recently converted a very old member site into WordPress and are using Mediapress. During that process we determined that storing ORIGINAL uploads on a separate server (such as files backup, AWS or externally hosted drive) would be a great idea.

    1- Select destinations from drop menu
    2- plug in API keys, FTP, SFTP, ect…
    3- allow members to retrieve original files
    4- allow members to download their entire archive
    5- do not keep original files on WP server (only remote)
    6- ability to “rebuild thumbnails” from originals

    (I think I can have it done in about 60-100 hours)

    A- anyone else interested in a Mediapress component that does this?
    B- can anyone provide a list of HOOKS in order that we would need to do this?
    (would save me time to know if this is not possible yet)

    If we can get enough help here I will give it to buddydev.com and ask that it be given away for free.
    Should buddydev build this I would gladly buy it ASAP.

    thanks for your consideration!

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    Brajesh Singh on #16390

    Hi Christian,
    Thank you for using MediaPress.

    It will be a nice plugin to have. May be using some existing solution for the externalizing media can help.
    I am still not sure about point 3

    2. Can be done but it will need significant time and will depend on your strategy(Actively doing it on upload or passively offloading using cron)

    4. Can be achieved by most probably using a n existing WordPress plugin or slightly modifying it

    5. Directly related to 2 and can be combined(It should be)
    6. We will need to fork one of the plugin(We can take care of this part).

    A plugin of this nature needs significant time. At the moment, We son’t have that kind of time available. We can still help with 6 and providing assistance with the hooks.

    If you plan to offload actively( you should do it on ‘mpp_media_added’ hook. Your other point of interest will be Implementing a storage manager based on ‘MPP_Storage_Manager’.

    Since the storage manager is responsible for providing meaning to a media’s path/url, you can use one to provide details for the externalized media.


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