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    CleanGist on #40296

    The whole world is aware of Facebook and also blown away with Facebook.

    I did a screenshot of Facebook Features on my Mobile Phone and got this — https://prntscr.com/1qsbiyc

    If you want to have a Social Network today, most ordinary people want it to either almost be like Facebook, or have the things that Facebook have.

    Is there a way to have these Facebook Features from the screenshot(https://prntscr.com/1qsbiyc) on our BuddyPress website?

    2.) How can we Tag Members as is done in Facebook?

    Regards to all.

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    Ravi on #40304

    Hello CleanGist,

    Thank you for posting. BuddyPress does not allow to upload of any kind of media in activities. But there are plugins that can allow users to post media with activity e.q. MediaPress and rtMedia. For check-in, you can give a shot to a plugin name “Check-ins for BuddyPress Activity” for any other feature you need premium theme or plugin.

    For tag:
    In BuddyPress, Tagging means mentioning. It will only work with Activity and you can see the mentions list by typing ‘@’ in the activity post form.


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    CleanGist on #40309

    Oh…Hmm… I think your answer was more helpful than my expectations. I’ve been wondering what the “mentions” thing means. I didn’t know it was the Tag feature I was looking for. Oh Wow.

    “Check-ins for BuddyPress Activity” solves the Check-in problem.

    I’m using a Premium Theme called Reign BuddyPress Theme, and they did their good best to provide some added addons to make my BuddyPress experience beautiful.

    What I’ve not seen anywhere, is that Facebook Featire where people can go Live, and comments will be flowing through, and the whole broadcast can be recorded and viewed on and on onwards. Do you know of any plugin that can achieve this as well?

    Special Regards

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