Fatal error caused by Buddypress Member Types plugin

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    Daria Wilczynska on #47849

    Happy New Year

    I have recently discovered that I have several PMPro errors happening on my site. I reached out to PMPro team who found that Buddypress Member Types is throwing a fatal error which is causing some issues. This happened after I updated to PHP 8.0 ( I had to as my hosting company is making everyone upgrade ).

    • PMPro subscription email is not being sent out
    • when PMPro members reqister, their custom fields don’t show up in the profile
    • duplicate subscriptions in Stripe

    At the moment they found that the subscription emails are not sent out due to this error but they believe all the above might be linked to the error with the plugin.

    I don’t want to share the error here as it has my site details – can you email me and I will share the code.

    Thank you

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    Brajesh Singh on #47852

    Hi Daria,
    Happy New Year!

    I am sorry for the issue. Sharing my email in next private reply.

    I will look into quickly and assit.


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    Brajesh Singh on #47853
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