FB Like User Activity Stream – Activity auto-refresh not working.

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    Alayna on #3735

    Hi, I just noticed that when a friend/following user posts a new update, “load newest” does not appear automatically as it would on the site-wide activity stream. The logged in user will have to manually refresh to see the new updates. Is there a way to automatically check and load new updates onto the stream?

    Thank you!

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    Ravi on #3736

    Hi Alayna,

    There are multiple issues.

    1. On SiteWide activity BuddyPress uses WordPress heartbeat API to get latest activities but in case of user activity there is no such functionality going on. There is no filter to allow us enabling it
    2. At the moment, FB Like activity does not support “since” parameter for fetching new activities, so even if we recreate the heartbeat step, this plugin will need to be updated.

    It will take us atleast 2-3 days to update it.

    Thank You

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