[Resolved] FEATURE IDEA – Plugin Editing BuddyPress Profile Fields

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    MICHAEL on #21143

    (copy than my email from the 25.02.2019)

    Hello Brajesh 😀

    I found in your plugins something i need, this :

    Stop Users from Editing BuddyPress Profile Fields • BuddyPress Plugins • BuddyDev

    but he need one amelioration =S

    It is fast, yes or no (?) , can you do update for we can choice by role ?

    Exemple, for the profile fields date birthday, they can change it, but if i change theire role for the role ” profil certified “, they can’t change it, they must became a normal member role for change. Just admin can change theire profile fields

    Do you think you can do this update ? How many time you need for do this ? It’s longtime ? =S

    Have a good day


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    Brajesh Singh on #21157

    Hi Michael,
    I am sorry, I am unable to add it.

    It is a good feature but It will need a complete rewrite of the plugin.


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    MICHAEL on #21162

    Hello 😀

    Ok no problem, put in your list if you want

    Have a good day !


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